George W. Bush
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Jennifer: I love George W. Bush because he's handsome, intelligent, he has high moral and he's a good Christian.

April Gifford: I think George Bush is very intelligent. My husband is in the military. I feel like George Bush has done good for him. My husband first got separation pay when Bush came in to be President. My husband is home from Iraq now, but he will be leaving for Korea on May 1 of next year. Bush has done a lot of wonderful things for the military, and we need to take care of the men and women who protect our country. George Bush does take care of our service men and women. He is bring our troops home. I will soon be having our first child, and I'm glad the military let my husband come home for this wonder happy event in our family.

 President Bush
Betty White: My vote is going to
Bush. He's an honorable man. He's a good Christian man and he's doing everything for the good of the country. I got 2 sons serving our country now. One is over in Iraq right now in the 101st division. He's a truck driver for the 101st fuel division. My other son just came home from Iraq and he is in Fort Stewart Georgia. He told me Mom, those people over in Iraq love us and they are so happy for our help. My son said we did the right thing for those people. They are happy to be liberated from Saddam and they love us.