John Kerry
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Patti Ferschke: Kerry's got the health care plan that works,not Dean. It's hard for me to believe that all you folks that support the MD don't really do your homework. Being an RN I know Kerry's plan will work for all. I'm too tired to post tonite but I'll come back on and post the two plans. Kerry is NOT old "inside" Washington stuff,and any of you that believe that are only fooling yourselves. JK has worked tirelessly on all the things we need to do. He's the champion of campaign finance reform;and has worked for twenty years on the environmental issues,women's rights and small business,and so many other issues. He also knows how to navigate around Washington,fight the fights that are worth the going. Dean has NO inner connections,and we can't wait two years to clean up the mess that's in there now...SORRY ! You're backing the wrong guy,he's a Republican in DEMS clothing and he's not what we need NOW.