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Who gets the ladies vote and why?


I decided to ask the ladies at the 2004 Election Online Debate why they would vote for a man. I think women will choose different reasons to vote for a candidate than a man would. I have been told the only thing that matters when you vote is the issues. Now I ask you, do you really think that is the only reason why a woman would vote for a male candidate is the issues? Maybe it should be that way, but I really don't think it is. I'm not trying to make this into a Monica Lewiski kind of ordeal for the ladies, but I also think it is obvious, that most woman look at male candidates differently than men do. So listen to the responses I got from people at the on line debate, that I thought were probably women. I could be wrong though. It might have been a man who wrote it who knows? It's hard to tell when your sitting behind a computer, but hopefully they are female.
Wesley Clark came in a little late in the race but we will now be adding him.

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